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Grid News

Weekly Maintenanace. -- Complete

Friday March 5th 2021 06:50:48 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Weekly Maintenanace. -- Complete

Weekly Maintenance.

Thursday February 4th 2021 10:13:09 pm

Post By Darieth White

We are slightly delayed, but we will begin shortly.

This will be a standard maintenance.
Logins will be enabled.
Expected time to completion is 4-6 hours.

Weekly Maintenanace. -- Complete

Thursday January 28th 2021 09:59:18 pm

Post By Darieth White

We will begin shortly. All regions will come offline during this maintenance, as our host will be replacing network cables. Expected time is 4-6 hours. Regions will be fully offline for about 1 hour. We will post as soon as we are able to start bringing regions back online.

10:25pm: All regions are shutting down now, or have completed shutdown.
11:00pm: Our host was done with replacing cables early. We are doing updates to the servers
11:22pm: All updates complete. Region startup underway.
11:38pm: Many regions are online. Logins are being enabled, and maintenance mode lifted.
12:20am: All regions online. Maintenance is complete.

Weekly Maintenance.

Thursday January 21st 2021 10:08:49 pm

Post By Darieth White

Weekly Maintenance is starting now.
All regions will be restarted.
The server will be restarted.
During the restart its sims will be unavailable.
Expected time is 4-6 hours.

10:57pm: has completed its restart, and its sims are coming back online now.

Weekly Maintenance -- Complete

Friday January 15th 2021 02:04:08 am

Post By Darieth White

Weekly Maintenance is now complete.

Weekly Maintenance

Thursday January 14th 2021 10:01:49 pm

Post By Darieth White

Weekly maintenance will start shortly.
Expected time is 4-6 hours.
Logins will be enabled throughout.

Progress update.

Monday December 21st 2020 11:29:46 pm

Post By Darieth White

We are starting testing. Please note the login URI has been updated.

Update your login url to

This change is to make future upgrades and changes easier and less disruptive.

12:12 AM: Many regions are online. Maintenance mode is being lifted and logins enabled.
12:16 AM: Fixed the status. The grid was not offline.

We are fully back online. The protocol section of the URL has been fixed.

Please update your login URLS.


Monday December 21st 2020 09:58:05 pm

Post By Darieth White

Maintenance will begin shortly. Expect time is 4-6 hours.

Logins will be disabled
The grid will be placed in maintenance mode for the duration.

Weekly Maintenance.

Thursday December 17th 2020 10:05:03 pm

Post By Darieth White

Weekly maintenance is being postponed until Monday night. This is due to extra work that will be done.

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