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Grid News


Tuesday January 11th 2022 06:10:18 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Darieth is slowly starting to feel better, so slowly we are scaling services back up again


Tuesday January 4th 2022 02:29:39 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Dar has indeed been tested positive for Covid, however he is feeling a little better and even logged in to the grid last night to talk to a few concerned Taggers on Welcome Center.


Sunday January 2nd 2022 05:08:10 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Due to Darieth being ill, we have scaled services down to a bare minimum. We will keep you all posted ofcourse.

Work Completed

Sunday December 5th 2021 12:25:07 pm

Post By Darieth White

We are back up and running. RS4 is still on the old version. We will be working on updating in the next week.

RS 1 and 2 online.

Sunday December 5th 2021 05:48:59 am

Post By Darieth White

Logins are enabled. However all Sims on rs3 and rs4 are offline.

Regions on RS4 are coming online. However RS4 had to be rolled back to the current version.

Remaining Regions Update.

Sunday December 5th 2021 12:33:30 am

Post By Darieth White

The last 2 servers will be updated tonight. While we are doing the updates. The rest of the regions will be taken offline and all system updates applied. Logins will be disabled while the first 2 servers are offline. They will be enabled once the other 2 server complete startup. This part is expected to take 3-4 hours. The remaining servers will be updated both in OpenSim version and system updates. This is expected to take anywhere for 6-8 hours to complete. Regions will be coming online as they are updated. We will be starting as soon as all regions have completed nightly backups.


Thursday November 25th 2021 11:03:54 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

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* FREE Scenic region (in case you already have a region)

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Rollout update.

Tuesday November 23rd 2021 02:29:48 am

Post By Darieth White

Due the the surprisingly long time the database work took. We are going forwards with a different plan.

Work on the database will occur with the sims live. The shutdown was done in hopes of the updates being done faster. However this did not appear to be the case. This however might result in small delays with doing large linking and un-linking operations, or while rezzing out large items.

After the required database changes are made, a notice will be posted. It will state all sims that will be going offline. Then that server will receive all OS upgrades, and code roll-outs will begin. Expected down time per server will only be 1 hour. Sims will be brought up one at a time again. Any servers being upgraded will be announced by 10pm each day. Downtime will then start at 1am. Only one server will be offline at a time. Once one is complete, an update will be posted.

Code Rollout Schedule.

Saturday November 20th 2021 02:52:29 am

Post By Darieth White

We will be starting the rollout next week. There will be 2 schedules depending on how long the first server takes to do the prep work. Schedule 1 is if a server can be completed in 1-2 hours. Schedule 2, is if each server is going take longer. Work will start at 1am grid time, and conclude by 4am grid time.

  • Monday
    • Region Server 1

Servers 2-4 TBA.

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