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Weekly Maintenance

Tuesday March 19th 2019 11:03:55 pm

Post By Darieth White

This weeks maintnenace will not include a restart of regions. This is to avoid causing errors with scripts that are not fully ready for Y engine. Other tasks will still be performed. Logins will remain enabled.

edited due to accidental enter.

Update in regards to the error: "Failed to verify user presence"

Saturday March 16th 2019 08:41:20 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Darieth and Consie have spend the last 5 hours investigating this issue and this is the outcome:

The viewer automatically assums when teleporting to a region without landingpoints, you should land at 2m (128,128,2). However all regions are on 23m. The grid then thinks, you are teleporting underground, causing you to loose presence on the grid for some stupid reason. To solve this, you have to set a landingspot somewhere on the region (in about land) causing this error ( region where you tp'ed from) and you wont get the error anymore then.

Big storm going over the USA

Wednesday March 13th 2019 10:15:04 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Currently there is a big storm going over the USA including over where our servers are located, this might result into unreachable sims, website, marketplace etc. Sims are all happy and online, so no need for restarts and wait till the storm has passed.

Rolling restarts Completed

Wednesday March 13th 2019 09:20:00 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Rolling restarts Completed

Rolling restarts

Wednesday March 13th 2019 05:56:02 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Rolling restart on the way to make the MP terminals and merchantboxes work again

Weekly maintenance Complete.

Wednesday March 13th 2019 04:39:18 am

Post By Darieth White

We are done with maintenance. All sims should be on build 11. Y engine is now on all sims as well. Please report scripts issues

Weekly Maintenance.

Tuesday March 12th 2019 11:57:26 pm

Post By Darieth White

Weekly Maintenance will begin shortly. During this maintenance, all regions will be shut down, and update to a new version. The script engine will also be changed to the new Y engine.

ATTENTION oYo Breeders !!!!

Monday March 11th 2019 04:57:30 am

Post By Lord Sullivan

Please ensure that you check your notecards when logging in to Tag for a VERY IMPORTANT notecard from Kels, regarding Tags update this Wednesday 13th March. If you have not received one please contact Kels and/or check the oYo group notices immediately. Thank you.

Weekly Maintenance

Tuesday March 5th 2019 11:48:25 pm

Post By Darieth White

Weekly maintenance will begin at midnight.
logins will be disable.
Expected time is 4-6 hours

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