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Upcoming Events

Tag Grid members love to socialize and meet new people. Here's a list of just some of our upcoming events where you can meet people.

M&K Breedable Auction

Date:Sunday The 26th

Time:3:00:00 pm

Location: Wonderful Cove

Its auction time at M&K Stables for our crazy critters. What will you find today among the oYo selection? Horses or Elephants? Tigers, Sabers or Leopards? Or perhaps those little fuzzies will grab your attention?
You are bound to find the best here so dont miss it if you like breedables its a must.

Club Twinkle One Hit Wonders

Date:Tuesday The 28th

Time:10:00:00 am

Location: MoonLight

We dedicate ourt end of month session to those One Hit Wonders that got us up and dancing. Come and join us and maybe we uncover what happened to those people who brought us those tunes.


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