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Upcoming Events

Tag Grid members love to socialize and meet new people. Here's a list of just some of our upcoming events where you can meet people.

Mustang Ranch Auction

Date:Tuesday The 29th

Time:2:00:00 pm

Location: Mustang Ranch

SOLD SOLD SOLD, Yea that's right. Come and sell your horse, buy a new one. Make some new friends, Every one is welcome. It's happening at 2 pm grid time. New bundles out for sale. Elephants are here now.

October at Venus

Date:Thursday The 1st

Time:10:00:00 am

Location: Early Misty

Come and join us every Thursday in October at 10:00 am when we host costume dances. Dress up in your favorite or sexiest or even silly costume. Enjoy dancing or perhaps just sit and chat with friends. Feeling a little Witchy, Thursday is a full moon so perhaps you wish to dance naked by the moonlight. Come and Enjoy Autumn at Venus and make Venus you place to be.


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