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Upcoming Events

Tag Grid members love to socialize and meet new people. Here's a list of just some of our upcoming events where you can meet people.

Quiz Time General Knowledge

Date:Friday The 27th

Time:11:00:00 am

Location: MoonLight

This week from 11am its the turn of General Knowledge with quiz master Kels posing some questions to get you thinking.
So come join us, play alone or in a team for a chance to win our 500x Prize Pot.
Quiz masters answers are final but can you match them?
Only way to win it is to be in it...

TAGsGiving Party

Date:Saturday The 28th

Time:1:00:00 pm

Location: Silver Sands

Join us for our belated Turkey Day celebrations from 1pm-4pm PST with our TAGSGivng Party with DJ Kels and a mixed bag of tricks.
Its come as you are but dress to impress to take home that 2k prize pot.
See you there!!

M&K All oYo Auction

Date:Sunday The 29th

Time:12:00:00 pm

Location: Wonderful Cove

Join us for this weeks M&K oYo Auction with the comedy duo Matt & Kels.
Grab a stall or 2 and join us or come along anyway and enjoy the amazing babies on the blocks this week.
PLUS Usual auction fun & prizes awaits see ya at 12.

Back to 1995

Date:Monday The 30th

Time:10:00:00 am

Location: MoonLight

Monday at Club Twinkle means we step back in time... this year we are headed back to 1995 with DJ Kels playing all the best hits from that year from 10am til 12pm.
We also have, as always, our 2 x 250 min sploder pots and at Club Twinkle we promise you a real GOOD time.
So come join us today and chase those Monday Blues away with a visit to the archives.

Best In Onesies at Club Twinkle

Date:Wednesday The 2nd

Time:10:00:00 am

Location: MoonLight

Today is Best In onesies at Club Twinkle and time to dust off something black and join us with music from DJ Matt.
We kick off at 10am, so raid those inventories or grab something new from one of TAGs awesome creators and join is til noon.
Lets chase those mid week blues away... happy hump day!

The Best of Black Eyed Peas

Date:Sunday The 27th

Time:10:00:00 am

Location: MoonLight

We spend an hour every Friday paying homage to some of those people who have made a difference to our eardrums and today is no exception, Its The Best Of The Black Eyed Peas.
So join us and uncover where is the love!


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